Cook's Hollywood Fish Market

Channel Catfish: Fillet, Lemon Pepper Fillet, Cajun Fillet, Nuggets, Catfish Strips, Catfish Steaks, Whole Cats, Catfish Tails, Catfish Frames

Flat Head Yellow Catfish:Fillet, Nuggets, Catfish Strips, Flat Head Steaks, Whole Flat Heads.

Big Bone Buffalo: Ribs, Slabs, Tails, Collars, Special Cut (fillet).

Whiting: Fillet, Whole Whiting

Red Snapper: Whole Snapper

Ocean Perch: Fillet

Tilapia: Fillet, Whole Tilapia

Flounder: Fillet

Shrimp: Jumbo, Medium

Frog Legs: Jumbo, Medium

Salmon: Fillet

Shark: Shark Steaks

Oysters:Sold per dozen only in the months that have an R in the name.

* Live Blue Crabs: Special order when in season only.

Call for market price 901.324-2602